How to Become a Monk

‘The goal of the monastic journey is a gradual transformation into the likeness of Christ through the action of the Spirit of God.’

                                              OCSO Guidelines on Formation

‘The concern must be whether the novice truly seeks God…’

                                                                     Rule of St Benedict

Have you considered becoming a monk?

Do you feel called to give your life to God in a community of brothers?

We are Cistercian monks living out a balanced life of liturgical prayer in choir, lectio divina (sacred reading), personal prayer and manual work with a strong community life.

You need to be a Catholic, unmarried and not in a relationship, fit and in good mental and physical health, with no debts or dependants, with a reasonably well balanced personality, generous, intelligent, with a sense of humour, and (usually) under 50.

Normal Entry Procedures:

You come for an introductory visit for five to seven days. You will be able to stay in our Monastic Guesthouse next to the Abbey and work, pray and eat with the community. The Novice Director will speak with you.

If the experience proves positive, one or two further visits are made.

If your interest remains strong, and the community also feel you have a monastic vocation here, you will be invited to do a ‘live-in’, in a cell in the monastery, usually for a month, living, praying and working within the community to give both you and us a deeper insight into your suitability for monastic life. If all goes well you will be invited to apply to enter.

If you feel you may have a vocation please contact Br David Hodges:


or write to:

Caldey Abbey, Caldey Island

off Tenby, Pembrokeshire,.

SA70 7UH Wales, UK